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Who: Schuldig and Crawford
What: They finally sit down and talk...been a while, after all...
When: After the idiotic German has settled down. ^+~
Where: The living room.

hiddenroku: Things hadn't been awful, really. AFter all, Farf had managed to slap some sense into him, and at the very least, he'd reached a level of somewhat easy companionship with Yohji...not that anyone needed to know. They just saw eye to eye on things, nothing more, nothing less, and it helped to know that if shit hit the fan, he had someone to babble to. He wandered through the front door after a short walk to clear his brain and think, feeling more like himself than he had in ages.

Sijin Kousei: Brad had just finnished working on his leg. Yohji had acctualy eneded up beeing more of a help thenhe had previously anticipated. The cane now more for emergences rather then walking or standing all together. He reclined back on the couch his water bottle being drained with each passing moment

hiddenroku: Schuldig arched one brow, his stomach lurching just a little as he walked past the back of the couch. ...ALright so maybe things werent perfect, but it beat constant nervousness. He hadn't even talked to Crawford since the incident anyway. And he wasn't stupid. He heard things, thoughts people projected without knowing. "Yo," was all he could manage as he made his way to the kitche,n, shrugging off his coat and tossing it onto a chair without looking at the couch at all.

Sijin Kousei: "Good evening Schuldig." He turns his head and watches him enter the kitchen. Notyet willing to move after his latest workout. His own sences reling at the fist contact with the other since his momentary break down.

hiddenroku: "How's the leg?" It was a casual attempt at idle chatter, but it was something at least. Farf had beaten some sense into Schuldig....literally...and in all honesty, the team had to come first. AFter all, he owed Schwarz way too much. Betraying that would have been a crime above all else.

Sijin Kousei: "getting better each day. How are you faring? I haven't seen much of you lately." He had wanted to ask if Schuldig was avoiding him but all ready knew he answer.

hiddenroku: "Well if you read that stupid journal you told me to create, you'd know," he said dully, pulling out a bottle of water and making his way to the counter to lean against it. "I'm fine."

Sijin Kousei: "I would but you seem to have a likeing for making everything private." He responds just as dully watching him through the doorway.

hiddenroku: Sighing, he gave up on sitting in the kitchen. Crawford was always no bullshit, so why he'd thought he could get away with it for now he had no idea. He flopped down in a chair near the couch, sighing. "actually I made a public post the other day requesting clearance for a few things."
Sijin Kousei: "Yes I do seem to remember. I apologise. You may have clearance. Your conserns are justifiable. And if you feel Farf could use the time out then do so." he rakes a hand through his hair and shifts to watch him in his new location.

hiddenroku: "Thanks," he murmured, taking a long swig of his water. Awkward was one way of putting this...

Sijin Kousei: Crawford shifts and takes another long pull of water. They had to talk about this. Otherwise it was always going to be strained and uncomfortable. But for the life of him he didn;t know how to bring it up with out beeing tacktless.

hiddenroku: "look I'm sorry," he said calmly, keeping his eyes steadily on the coffee table. "I've had issues lately and I should have kept it to myself. It wasn't worth causing problems." He might have sounded automatic in his response, businesslike and efficient, but it was also sincere. He just didn't deal with this shit well sometimes.

Sijin Kousei: "YOu have nothing to be sorry for and if you try to take it back I will beat you with in an inch of your life." Brad looks away then shifting uncomfortably in the cushins of the couch.
hiddenroku: He blinked, pausing half way to bringing the water bottle to his lips again with a mild look of surprise. Leave it to Crawford to baffle him.

Sijin Kousei: Crawford closes his eyes knowing that the question would come eventualy and not wanting to push the subject any more then what he had to. If Schuldig wanted to just let it go then he would deal with that If not he would answer him honestly.

hiddenroku: "...So..." he sighed, setting the water down and looking at Crawford point blank. Not like he had anything to loose at this point. He'd all but given up anyway. "Look I'm just as baffled as you on the whole subject. Question is, what the hell do we do about it?"

Sijin Kousei: "Of that I am not entierly certin. Baffled wouldn't be the word I would put on it per say. You obviously know what you think on the subject of coordinating our thoughts nothing more and most deffininatly nothing less."

hiddenroku: Sighing, he flopped back in the chair and gazed at the wall, his expression somewhere between confusion and dissapointment. "...Look I'm...confused, alright? I've been gettin mixed signals from you for years. I told you how I feel. Just want a straight answer from you on yours."

Sijin Kousei: Crawford slides over to sit as close to him as he can his expression level. "How I feel? You are mine. No matter who you or I are with you are mine. I can not let you go."

hiddenroku: Somewhere inside, something sank that felt suspiciously like his heart. But he couldn't deny that. Crawford had a hold on him, in more ways than one. Emotionally, professionally...no matter what, there was practically nothing in the world he could deny the American. And if that made him weak, then fine, he was weak. But he was the only one that had to know that. "...you're stuck on Fujimiya." There was no accusation in that statement, no anger, no...nothing. It was completely devoid of emotion.

Sijin Kousei: "No more then you have been with others in the past. If you tell me to stop I will. All you have to do is give the word." Crawford wondered if he acctualy would. If Schuldig acctualy beleved him.

hiddenroku: "Can I believe that?" Still that voice lacked animocity, or even bitterness, but he brought a pair of wary eyes to look at Crawford. Brad may not have known it but Schuldig had been in a few heavy flings, each resulting in the partner just coming up short, as if he were always trying to grasp something he couldn't get his hands on.

Sijin Kousei: "If you want me Schuldig this is your chance. I will not lie to you." Brad knew as much as he cared to. Mostly that Schuldig had been looking always looking for the one person that could make him whole. It had been more then a little effort to let him go thoes nights. But he had. and was willing to do so every day for the rest of his life as long as the other didn't walk away.

hiddenroku: Something in Schuldig's eyes flashed for a moment, realization perhaps, knowledge that this wasn't bullshit. Inwardly, the German was still suspicious. He probably always would be. But still... and yet, the words came without him thinking twice, as if he werent even thinking about them as he spoke. "I want you," he said plainly, simply. "I've wanted you for eons. since we were still too young and stupid to know what to do about it. And I thought with time shit would get easier...but it hasnt. And so help me god, you EVER fuck with my emotions, I'll personally kill you myself and save that redheaded cocktease of yours the pleasure."

Sijin Kousei: "then you might as well save yourself the trouble and get it over with now. Schuldig, I have never intentionaly fucked with you. And I do not plan to start now. unfortunatly shit happens and when emotions and i are invaulved things will get fucked on occasion. But there you have it if you want it." He shrugs and leans back having said his pice.

hiddenroku: "Then I guess...." he sat forward before standing, setting the bottle of water on the table before moving closer to Crawford, leaning over him and bracing one hand on the back of the couch. He looked into the Americans eyes, his expression hard to read for most, but probably easy as sin for Crawford himself. "thats all I needed to know." the faintest of grins appeared at that, one brow arching suggestively.

Sijin Kousei: Crawford looks up at him his expression as bland as it was when the other first entered the room. "Good. Was there anything else you needed?"

hiddenroku: "Yeah," he said, chuckling a bit despite himself as his free hand moved to lift Crawford's chin just slightly. "shut the fuck up and kiss me."

Sijin Kousei: Crawford lifts his face and shifts enough to bring their lips together in a soft kiss. teasting the waters before deepening it.

hiddenroku: Schuldig purred just a little at that, deepening it slowly on his own, fingers digging into the couch behind Crawford's head.

Sijin Kousei: After a few moments he breaks the kiss and looks at him. His fingers threading through the hair falling over the bandanna.

hiddenroku: His own eyes were hazy, lost in the moment despite himself, and he had to swallow just to get himself to breathe again. /...what're you gonna do about the katzchen?/ He was sincerely curious. And in all honesty, it would make sense to Schuldig that things not differ too much from their regular path. Just knowing all this was enough for him...for the moment.

Sijin Kousei: /What do you want me to do about him?/ He looks tuge the headband down and runs his fingers freely through the oddly colored locks.

hiddenroku: /...Honestly, I don't care,/ he answered honestly. / You're a free man. I'm not asking for much./ He smiled a little, a genuine expression even if it was hazed from the kiss. /Just as long as you know you're mine. Down here its kinda hard to promise a whole lot other than that. We're under a lot of pressure. You especially...but you know that no matter what comes down, you ask it, it's done. Im yours. you're mine...i think that spells it out pretty well./

Sijin Kousei: /we have an understading then./ He nods before fisting his hand in his hiar losely and kissing him deeply again. /And next time farf wants to give you a blow job make sure he makes me brownies./

hiddenroku: It was impossible not to laugh about that, and he found himself chuckling into the kiss even as the sound melted to a soft groan. /Yes sir./
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