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Who: Crawford, Schuldig, Aya
What: Lots of stuff >.> Long ass log
When: Laaaaaate at night
Where: Common room X3

American Schwarz: Crawford had woken up a few hours after Schuld had helped him o the room. The painkiller had worn off and now his leg was throbbing. SO he did what he assumed any sane person would. He slid form the bed and attempted to make it out the door without falling or waking up Schuldig.

MamuEnvy: Aya himself was still awake at the seemingly ungodly hour but he was mentally shaken by his own run-in with Schuldig. He was currently trying to work out all frustration and possibly emotion within the training room, pushing on into the second hour of lashing out with the katana within set patterns and motions.

American Schwarz: He forces himself to the bathroom for more of what Schuldig had doused him with earlier. Using the couch as a crutch he finally makes it. Crawford snatches the bottle and heads to the office with it and a glass of water. The bathroom was a mess. And he had told Schuldig he would get it in the morning. -_-

MamuEnvy: It wasn't long before Aya's muscles were screaming at him to stop and rest...and how he wanted to. But with every pause he heard the German's voice over again and so the blade kept swinging through the air, his body still moved across the training room floor to continue the motions. Until the body called it quits, the weapon clattering loudly in the empty room with Aya falling to his hands soon after.

American Schwarz: He hears the clatter of the katana from down the hall. He looks at the office only maybe three steps away then back down the hall. He heads to the office. He needed to sit down. The blood loss still leaving him out of it.

MamuEnvy: Aya moves slowly, hands searching in the faint light to take up the sword again and fingers touch upon the blade. A soft hiss as it cuts the tired digits before taking hold of the hilt, somehow proud the edge was sharpened so keenly while cursing his fatigue as well. The metal grinds loudly on the floor as he struggled for footing again and falling back against the wall. It's then just a so many hours ago relive in the scant light, Aya bowing his head to block it out but it continues...failure, mistakes, ridicule. "SHUT UP!"

American Schwarz: He hears the shout and sighs. With a deep breath he takes a few of the painkillers and heads out. Clad only in the pj bottoms Schuld had forced him to change into he slides along the wall slowly to the training room.

MamuEnvy: Aya slid back against the wall, the sword dropping once again but this time to be forgotten as he attempts to calm himself once again. The wounded fingers are brushed through the red hair before clenching lightly in the strands. Stress of everything just starting to catch up...

American Schwarz: He leans heavily in the doorway watching him. Last thing Crawford wanted to do was startle an exhausted assassin. Especially in the shape he currently was in.

MamuEnvy: It's when Aya finally calms again does he feel the presence of another, slowly lifting his head with hand falling back to his side. In the faint light the violet eyes seem almost lost before it's replaced by nothingness. "...What are you doing up?"

American Schwarz: "I could ask the same of you." His eyes moderately glazed as he watches him. His head falling forward slightly as he readjusts himself on the doorframe.

MamuEnvy: "You shouldn't be moving." Already indicating the wound and blood loss, having seen some of it smearing over the German. It didn't matter he was also changing the subject...

American Schwarz: "Of that I am aware and once again I could say the same of you at this point." Crawford never was one to just let a subject drop.

MamuEnvy: Aya's gaze dropped back to the training room floor, only then noticing the faint cuts on his fingers and wiping it on his pants. "I'm only training...not like it will kill me."

American Schwarz: "And neither will a slug to the leg." He arches an eyebrow. It losing some of the effect with the slight sway of his body on the door.

MamuEnvy: "Go to sleep, Crawford." Aya made no move to get up from the training room floor, feeling the cold of the wall seeping into his back. His very appearance was off, usually alert and aware of the surroundings...here was something different. The word lost coming to mind again.

American Schwarz: "No. I do not take orders from you." He shifts up the doorframe again. Had any one been watching this they would have laughed at them both for being stupid. But Crawford was not going to give in. "What the hell happened to you that you are doing this to yourself?"

MamuEnvy: "...There's nothing wrong with training." If it wasn't happening at such an hour and Aya didn't look so worn out when even sitting down. He was altering the chain of conversation now and probably would have gotten up to leave if it was possible at that moment.

American Schwarz: "No but I am not an idiot either." His eyes watching him as closely as a man in his condition could manage. The warm spread of painkillers already taking their hold.

MamuEnvy: "I've been shown what I didn't want to see." It was cryptic really but Aya found no other way to describe how Schuldig had so easily broken everything down. "Weiss is falling apart. And I've done nothing to stop it."

American Schwarz: He sighs. "You have been talking to Schuldig haven't you." All the signs were there. Self doubt. Others opinions eating away at you.

MamuEnvy: "Not by choice...but it's all true." Everyone saw him as the leader when Aya himself didn't. His head bowed, hiding a face with a sardonic smile. "I've done nothing but make mistakes."

American Schwarz: "Its called being human. It happens." A low shin breaking out across his forehead at this point just from the effort of standing. "But you need to stop this before you make yourself useless to anyone."

MamuEnvy: Eyes turned back to look at Crawford. "Take your own advice and go back to your room before you pass out." He seemed to be doing a lot of subject changing but this last one held a bit of...concern.

American Schwarz: "If you’re that worried about it then stand up and help me get back to the office." He gives him a level look seriously doubting Aya could even stand at the moment.

MamuEnvy: A low sigh, defeated maybe, before he attempts it anyway. Teeth gritted together as Aya forced himself to move even though fatigue overcame him once again...the redhead looking pitiful when falling back to his knees once again. Curses falling beneath light pants of breath.

American Schwarz: "And I rest my case." He looks at him blandly. What little color he had gained from a few hours sleep now gone.

MamuEnvy: "You're in no better shape..." Violets flickered upward. "Worse actually."

American Schwarz: "I beg to differ. I am at least standing." He glares at him.

MamuEnvy: Aya didn't so much as return the glare with even a frown, only lightly shaking his head as he slid back to sit on the floor. "But for how much longer?"

American Schwarz: "As long as I have to." He shifts to lean more firmly on the door.

MamuEnvy: "From the looks of things, it'll be a short wait. And a longer one before I can do anything about it." Already he wanted to lie out on the training room floor, the cold of the concrete alluring to the worn out muscles even if it would do little to calm the thoughts. Only briefly did it register the small cuts were aggravated by the fall and wiped upon pants once again. "You shouldn't have gotten up."

American Schwarz: He chuckles at him. "If I mad it here I will make it back." The painkillers haven taken complete hold now he was drugged but his leg wasn't throbbing as much. "As for me getting up I had little choice in the matter."

hiddenroku: Schuldig made his way back through the corridors and labyrinths of the sewers, coming in through a side door of the training room. He hadn't expected it to be occupied at this time of night, and honestly he was too lost in his own mind to really pay attention to the typical drone of voices inside. However no sooner had he entered and taken a quick glance than he’d stopped, seriously debating turning around and coming in another way as he glanced from Crawford to Aya and back again with a plain, normal expression.

American Schwarz: He looks up his expression the bland one he had been giving Aya for the last 20 minutes. "Well that would explain why I didn't wake you up. Doesn’t anyone around here sleep?"

MamuEnvy: Aya closed his eyes and felt the greatest urge to disappear in that moment. Apparently everyone chose that night not to sleep and it left him almost paralyzed on the training room floor with two Schwarz members.

hiddenroku: He glanced at Crawford, one brow arched as he closed the door behind him. "Had a little business to take care of. And I'm an insomniac. You know that."

American Schwarz: He cracks a small drugged smile. "So you are." He points to Aya on the floor his expression going blank again. "His more idiotic traits are showing. He can't even move now because he was pushing himself to far." Completely ignoring the fact that he himself was standing there at all.

MamuEnvy: /Why won't this end.../ Aya attempted to stand once again, a little less complaint from his worked limbs but again he was almost clear to falling on the floor. He at least gave up before looking completely pathetic

hiddenroku: The faintest of typical grins tugged at one corner of Schuldig's lips as he eyed Crawford, walking into the room. Schuldig knew that tone of voice all to well. "Bad night, huh?" he crouched down, in front of Aya, the grin fading a little, just a sliver of concern in his voice. "...You need help? Or you beyond that?"

MamuEnvy: Pride told Aya to tell him to go to hell but at this point, everything was already hell. "Not beyond it anymore..." He sighed heavily and shifted at least to lean back against the wall, that way he could at least give some sort of aid to get off the floor.

American Schwarz: Crawford watches the interaction with a small smile. Everyone was getting along so well. He snorts at that sarcastic thought. Blinking his eyes hard to get them to focus again.

hiddenroku: Schuldig cast the slightest little flick of a glance at Crawford, his voice ringing through the American's mind. /Shut up./ Wow...didn’t get more sarcastic than that. He immediately held one hand out to Aya, his expression dull as possible. "I'm not carrying you."

MamuEnvy: There was a light nod in response before Aya took the offered hand, the other going to the wall in steady progression of lifting up from the floor. His legs felt like they would go out but he kept steady until his back was fully against the wall instead of bracing his weight on Schuldig. Take your pride where you could after all. He was going to walk out of here on his god damn own...possibly.

American Schwarz: He narrows his eyes at him. "I wasn't talking to you." He stuffs his hand into his pocket to grab the bottle of pain meds. What ever it was he had taken three. What the hell were they that they were making him project. He scowls at the bottle.

hiddenroku: Schuldig was already neatly rolling his eyes, hooking one arm around Aya's waist and cinching him up with a bland look. "You," he said to the redhead, already moving for the door, "Stop being such a fucknut and just suck it up, wouldja? And Crawford," he smirked at his boss, a hint of his usual attitude shining through finally, "you're doped up. Get the fuck back to bed."

MamuEnvy: For the first time in the volley of sarcastic words and glares of that hour, Aya actually scowled at Schuldig before an arm went around the German's shoulders. /Like I hadn't told him that 10 minutes ago.../

American Schwarz: He glares up to him before flipping him off. "I am the boss not you." But he shuffles around and starts slowly down the hallway.

hiddenroku: Schuldig rolled his eyes, the grin only broadening as he cast Aya a sideways glance, as if sharing some unheard joke, then started out of the room. /...He been bitching for a while now?/

MamuEnvy: /Patronizing.../ Aya grew quiet after that, simply walking (or shuffling much like Crawford) out of the training room. A mental note made to get up again to retrieve his katana from somewhere in the darkness.

American Schwarz: And Crawford moves to the office once down the hall and into the living room. He was actually moving better the pain in his leg a dull throb behind whatever he had taken. He smirks at his wandering thoughts and catches himself on the back of the couch when he doesn't quite clear it.

hiddenroku: Schuldig sighs, mumbling something in German about babysitting little idiots as he ushered Aya to the couch and let him go without much of a care. "Sit." He cast an odd look at Crawford, poking his arm and in the process, causing the man's already nasty balance to sway a bit. He doubted it would do much, but it was amusing. "...Brad tha hell is wrong with you, man:? How many of those did you scarf?"

MamuEnvy: Without much support Aya fell back against the couch within moments, a glare showing but not like he could do much else. Not until feeling wanted to return to his limbs anyway.

American Schwarz: He chuckles and straightens himself from the light push on his arm. "There is nothing wrong with me. I believe I took three." He frowns he knows he was more positive a few minutes ago...

hiddenroku: Schuldig only shook his head, trying like fuck not to laugh as he rummaged around in the fridge for something to drink. "idiots," he mumbled, snorting.

MamuEnvy: Arms crossed over his chest as he leaned back on the couch, eyes closing as he more or less attempted to fall away from this moment. Stuck in a room with two people that caused Aya to be more confused to pissed to god knew what else. And for all it was worth they were the only ones he even communicated with besides the off chance with Ken.

American Schwarz: Crawford looks over at Aya as he leans over the couch. That same small drugged smile on his lips. "You really do need to learn how to loosen up. I can see you over analyzing from here."

hiddenroku: "Now that's rich,” he said with a customary smirk, grabbing a beer and heading back out into the living room, walking right past the two and flopping onto the middle of the couch with a yawn.

MamuEnvy: "Fuck off." It was quietly said but held an edge nonetheless, the wounded fingers becoming a bit more pronounced when they clenched into fists.

American Schwarz: He sighs against the back of the couch moving around it slowly again to sit next to Schuldig. His leg wasn't going to take much more abuse and he still wanted to work on the report tonight. Or so his drugged brain kept telling him. "See that’s what I am talking about."

hiddenroku: Schuldig chuckled, arching one brow and glancing back at Aya before taking a long pull from his beer and settling back, eyes closed. "Brad, you’re messed up. Shush."

MamuEnvy: At that moment Aya felt like laughing outright at sitting on a couch with sworn enemies of before, one drinking beer while the other teetered from low drug tolerance...and him stuck on the side unable to move. Instead there was only a barely heard sigh, wondering if he truly would go insane at this pace.

American Schwarz: He frowns at the two of them before resting his head back against the couch to stare at the ceiling. Not the most entertaining thing in the world but then who was he to bitch at the moment?

hiddenroku: Okay at this point, the effort to laugh was just too much. He'd spent the night beating the fuck out of Yohji and roaming the passageways like some angsty brooding teenager, and now it all seemed so comical it was hardly funny to begin with. Crawford was all shitty from the meds, Aya was weakened and apparently not quite with it, and here he was, drinking and surrounded by the two men that had made his last two weeks living hell to get through emotionally. Nothing seemed to make sense. He reached out without even casting a glance in Aya's direction, grabbing hold of his shirt and giving it a rough yank, tugging him onto the couch> "Sit down moron."

MamuEnvy: With the unexpected pull there came a faint yelp of surprise as well before Aya tumbled down on the cushions, arms flailing. When standing was a problem, it usually meant falling was done without any form of balance and nearly ended up on Schuldig's lap of all places if he didn't twist in time. He could deal with a crash of shoulders instead as he moved over with a scowl.

American Schwarz: Crawford had the most ridiculous look on his face from that one simple action. He didn't even realize he made it as his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped.

hiddenroku: Schuldig just smirked at that, glancing over at Crawford before taking one finger, placing it under the American's chin, and closed his mouth with a smirk and a quick upward shove of his finger.

MamuEnvy: There was a cold glare of violets at the both of them, Aya feeling more than a bit 'miffed' at the almost undignified sprawl that occurred before he corrected himself. /You could have just asked me to sit down./

American Schwarz: The American's jaw snapped shut audibly before he leveled a glare on the German. "Pain in the ass." He shifts propping his leg up on the coffee table and leaning against Schuldig's shoulder.

hiddenroku: Sighing, he couldn't help himself, and with a quick movement he glanced over at Aya, letting Crawford do his thing; he always got like this after meds. "...you were wavering. It was tug your ass over or watch you fall."

MamuEnvy: Aya glowered silently as he leaned against the armrest of the couch, feeling at least a little space from the pair gave him an air of comfort. Once his muscles weren't considered dead he was going to leave and possibly hide away in the shared room with Yohji. Maybe they would actually have conversation...

American Schwarz: Crawford blinks heavily the drugs taking their toll. But he had things to do. For one he wasn't going to sleep on the couch. Tow he was hungry. Three he had to start on that report. He shifts his head, now resting on Schuldig’s shoulder. His eyes closed.

hiddenroku: Schuldig cast Crawford an odd little look, then looked over at Aya, finally looking irritated and closing his eyes. "You know, the two of you think too god damn much. I mean," he jutted a thumb at Crawford, his voice still calm, "He has an excuse. He can't think straight when he's drugged. But you...what the hell were you trying to prove in there?"

MamuEnvy: Eyes focused on the far wall before dropping to the floor. "When I train...it leaves less space for reflection." And it was that reason Aya had taken as little breaks as possible within the complete space of three hours.

American Schwarz: "Told you he was an idiot." He rubs his face on Schuldig’s shoulder getting more comfortable. He starts mumbling to himself already half asleep. About things that may happen or perhaps just the deluded half dreams of painkillers.

hiddenroku: The shifting on his shoulder did make him falter for an instant, and in that split second he glanced at Crawford with the kind of tenderness that few, if any, would ever believe possible from the German. But it disappeared in a moment's notice as Schuldig turned his eyes back on Aya, intent in his conversation, voice smooth. "...I pissed you off that much?"

MamuEnvy: "Let it go." The last thing Aya needed was to have the issue pressed any further. He was calm once again, despite the only reason for it being he was too exhausted to concentrate on the earlier feelings of frustration and blind anger that had melted to cruel acceptance, possibly mild defeat at seeing the faults. All that usually meant solitary dealing, talking out about it was never done or even practiced among Weiss, let along would he with Schuldig

hiddenroku: The thoughts came to him one after another, and a surprisingly genuine little smile tugged at Schuldig's lips. It had sunken in. And in the end, that's all that mattered. He shrugged, finally turning his attention to Crawford and looking just a wee bit disgruntled/

American Schwarz: Crawford stirs his eyes blinking open slowly. It was like an internal alarm that didn't want to let him sleep. Shifting again he puts his feet back on the floor and glares as his leg started a dull throb. They were good painkillers and all but the shot to the leg was still fresh.

MamuEnvy: Aya had given up keeping track of the others' movements, eyes closing to hide within the offered darkness. One arm was propped on the armrest, hand coming over to then cover the eyes. It was meant only as a black escape but his body was tired, his head was tired...so the redhead was drifting off a bit.

hiddenroku: Sighing, Schuldig figured his night's drama was finally over. So, hey, what the fuck. He shifted a bit, eyeing Crawford and mumbling in a way that was no doubt supposed to be comedic. "...who gave you permission to sleep on me, boss?"

American Schwarz: He pokes him sharply in the side. His eyes rolling up to look at him. "Who said I needed permission for it?" Just to prove a point he slides his arm over Schuldig’s shoulders and leans against him fully. His fingers far enough out that he was brushing the ends of Aya’s hair.

MamuEnvy: Shoulders hunched a bit at the tickling sensation before Aya turned his head to find out the reason why. And for all that the redhead considered himself not to care about such things, the picture presented made him feel like an intruder in more than the sense of seeing the affection, no matter the nature of it. He turned his head away again, shifting a bit more to place more distance, bowing away to avoid the touch of stretched fingers.

hiddenroku: Schuldig caught on the emotions and thoughts in Ran's head, speaking softly with closed eyes. /...You can relax, Fujimiya. nothings going on./

American Schwarz: Crawford opens his eyes shifting enough that he could look under Schuldig’s chin at Aya. Blinking lazily he smiles. "sorry I wasn't aware I had lost permission to touch you."

MamuEnvy: Aya's shoulders tensed a bit, blindsided by both parties and suddenly feeling a bit cornered by Crawford's comment. Eyes closed a moment before he fell back to his earlier position, swallowing faintly at the return of the brush of fingers to his hair.

hiddenroku: Schuldig's chin lifted a bit as he half-glared down at Crawford, growling a bit. "What the fuck! Crawl into my lap why dontcha," he grumbled, smirking despite himself.

American Schwarz: He twines an ear tail around his finger his eyes drifting shut again content. "I have a hole in my leg. Don't feel like making the effort."

MamuEnvy: Unconsciously or not Aya had leaned a bit into the light toying of his hair, presenting his shoulder against Schuldig's before remaining still again and more than a little unsure of what the hell he was doing. But at that point in the night he was just a bit tired of the stoic and cold front.

hiddenroku: "Hole in your head too," Schuldig mumbled in a disgruntled little voice, eyeing Aya almost apologetically. This was...well, interesting. No reason for it to end so soon. "If he gets annoying just give him a good backward shove and throw a blanket over him. Works for me."

American Schwarz: Turning cold eyes to Schuldig he growls at him. "No one is shoving me anywhere." He bites him to lazy to smack at him. Enough to get his attention but not hard enough to actually hurt. AT the same time he tugs on the ear tail wrapped around his finger. "And do not let him give you ideas."

MamuEnvy: Aya scowled a bit at the pull and was entertaining the thought of smacking the hand away for it. "He's given me enough to think about as it is."

hiddenroku: "Codename Mastermind," he said dully, "no shit I made you...GAH!" He squeaked in a rather un-manly way at the bite, then blinked in shock at Crawford. "...what the hell!"

American Schwarz: He opens his eyes to look at Aya his hand sliding to the nape of his neck. "He has a point. That is what he does. The bitch of it is he is typically right about it." He chuckles at the yelp and smirks.

MamuEnvy: Aya held back the little shiver, giving a faint nod instead as eyes shifted to their corners to look at them both. "Aa...he is. Not much to hide from a telepath after all."

hiddenroku: Schuldig blinked a little, the faintest of flushes on his cheeks. This was...odd. And being the subject of this conversation had him just a wee bit weirded out. Things were, after all, still in the air. Crawford had apologized, sure, and made mention that he'd been sorry for being so outwardly cruel. And Aya was probably pissed with Schuldig still...but...

American Schwarz: He closes his eyes wondering how long it would take Schuldig or Aya to say something about the current situation. He shifts closer his head resting oh Schuldig’s shoulder now facing Aya. "There are some things you can manage to hide. But most of the time I think its more unwillingness on their part to look." He shrugs. "Who am I to judge I just see the future."

MamuEnvy: Rather than verbally respond anything, Aya reached up to remove Crawford's hand from the back of his neck, feeling his body was well enough to make a slow trip back to his room.

hiddenroku: Schuldig glanced over at Aya, half tempted to either smack Crawford or keep the redhead next to them for some ungodly reason.

American Schwarz: And Crawford had outer ideas all together. When Aya reached back instead of letting him remove his hand he laces his fingers with his to keep him there. "You going to lose that easy? Don't give up yet." He smirks his head still resting on Schuldig’s chest.

MamuEnvy: Violets widened a bit towards Crawford as his hand was caught before they shifted to the side, attempting to untangle the fingers while settling back on the couch. "It's late...I was going to get some sleep."

hiddenroku: Schuldig swallowed, shifting and for some reason having a pang of consciousness. He felt out of place, oddly enough. "...stick around Fujimiya. I'll take off."

American Schwarz: He lets Aya go and shifts from Schuldig. "Don'tknowwhatthehellimdoing." He mumbles and yawns as he slides from the couch wobbling for a moment before catching himself and making slow progress to the office.

MamuEnvy: Well, that just made Aya feel a bit out of sorts. At once told to keep with where he was before now both Schwarz were going to flit off. A hand lifted to brush back through red hair. God they made him so confused...

hiddenroku: Schuldig watched Crawford hobble off, sighing and speaking to Aya with what was probably the most human, agreeable voice the other man had heard. /...yeah, I'm fucking confused too, man./

American Schwarz: Crawford keeps moving to the office leaving the door open (too much effort at the moment.). Before sinking on the couch and stretching out.

MamuEnvy: Aya only briefly registered the fact that mental conversations were becoming less disturbing than it used to be... "You might want to check on him." But it didn't mean that's how he would only communicate. And once Schuldig moved on then he could make it back to his room without anyone watching his own swaggering movements.

hiddenroku: Sighing a bit, he closed his eyes, too tired to keep up appearances at that point. It had been a long night. /He's fine. Fucked up from the meds, but fine.../
American Schwarz: He tosses his arm over his eyes and fights to keep his mind awake. Report... He had to do the report before morning....

MamuEnvy: Pulling in a deep breath before letting it out Aya shuffled forward, pressing weight on his legs and finding them manageable now. Using the couch as a base he lifted up to stand. It looked like he was going to say something, even the thought was cut off, but chose silence instead as he kept a hand on the furniture while rounding it. The night was long enough and assuming he read the other two right, they wanted it to end just as he did.

hiddenroku: Something prompted him to speak, though what, Schuldig had no idea. /...Aya.../

American Schwarz: His lips twitch as he watches the scenes flash before him. This was going to get interesting and Crawford didn't care about the complications anymore. As he had told Schuldig. They were going to show up if he wanted them or not. \

MamuEnvy: The redhead paused at the back of the couch, just a step off from where Schuldig sat. He waited there, ready to hear why he had been stopped and maybe a bit wary if he would be attacked once again...though that was the furthest from his mind at the moment.

hiddenroku: He closed his eyes and yawned, completing his thought. /Glad I got through. You won't hear shit from me on the subject./ though what the meant exactly, Aya would have to figure out for himself.

MamuEnvy: /Aa.../ A slight pause before Aya walked slowly away from the couch, trusting the instinct of living in the area for so long to guide him through the darkness.
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